Big Brother’s Zak snaps at Trish as tension builds between housemates


Tension builds on Big Brother tonight with Zak snapping at Trish.

The pair clash over dinner, as Trish complains about Zak’s ‘trolling’.

She says: “The thing about Zak is he’ll wind you up, then say ‘Chill out, let’s be positive’. He’s a troll”


Trish continues: “I think everyone’s being problematic, especially Zak.”

Zak responds: “Yo, take my name out of your mouth. My name’s always in your mouth every time something bad happens.”

You can watch a first look at the argument below…

Elsewhere in the latest house action, housemates question Hallie’s behaviour.

Speaking about her reactions yesterday to the shopping task, Hallie makes an apology to her fellow housemates: “Guys I just want to say something. I had a bit of a diva moment yesterday and I want to apologise because it’s happened a few times now and yesterday was the breaking point of all divaness.”

She adds: “I’m just going to from now on sit back and observe and take a chill pill and realise we’re all in this together and I don’t need to act like that. So, sorry guys.”

However some of the group begin to question how genuine Hallie is.

Speaking to Chanelle in the garden, Jenkin says: “She acts like dram’ and that doesn’t impress anyone.

Hallie in the Diary Room

“And I think when she goes off like this, for some people that’s entertainment and that’s what I find the most hardest thing is I feel like a lot of it is for show and I find it hard to have a conversation with her because she’s constantly stepping in the camera.”

Also on tonight’s Big Brother, the latest shopping task concludes – will the housemates pass or fail?

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