Big Brother sets latest shopping task and Kerry is NOT happy

Big Brother has unveiled its latest shopping task for this year’s housemates.

After winning a luxury budget in last week’s office-based challenge, this week the group will be spending some time away from the keyboard.

Yesterday in the house, Big Brother gathered the group outside in the autumn sunshine.

Big Brother housemates gathered outside

Big Brother announced: “Housemates welcome to Big Brother’s happy, happy, happy camp.

“Over the next few days, you will be at at home with nature, living and breathing all things outdoors. Eat, drink, camp repeat.”

“All you need to do is six back and relax and remain on my camp site 24/7 and you must remain happy, happy, happy”

Immediately seeming to ignore the rules was Kerry who complained to Big Brother: “Oh stop it”

With rows over food already, a basic shopping budget is sure to cause chaos for the group.

Tune in to Big Brother nightly on ITV2 and ITVX to see how the housemates get on with the challenge.

In the latest episode on Sunday night, we saw the reaction to Farida’s eviction while Chanelle was enlisted for a secret mission by Big Brother in the Diary Room.

Her task involved delivering backhanded compliments to her fellow housemates, offering sly compliments with subtle sarcasm about Kerry’s jumper, Matty’s hat, Jenkin’s accent, Jordan’s smile, and Dylan’s hairdressing skills.

Chanelle eating

Meanwhile, Noky’s latest visit to the Diary Room revealed a heart-warming surprise for the housemates – family photos.

She gathered everyone in the lounge where each housemate took a turn discussing their family photos and cherished memories. Notably, Jordan opted for a unique approach, sharing a picture of his beloved place, Seville, rather than a family photo.

Big Brother airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2 on ITVX at 9PM on Sunday – Friday evenings.

The next eviction of the series will take place this Friday as the second housemate leaves the house.

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