Big Brother next eviction date confirmed for latest series

The date of Big Brother 2023’s next eviction has been confirmed.

Big Brother is back on TV now with its brand new series, airing nightly on ITV2 and ITVX Sunday – Friday nights.

AJ Odudu and Will Best front the show as well as its nightly spin-off.

AJ and Will hosting Big Brother's live show

When is the next Big Brother eviction?

Fresh from it third exit, the next live eviction is currently scheduled to take place on Friday, 3 November at 9PM.

Nominations will take place in the house on Tuesday and air on Wednesday.

AJ and Will will announce the result as another unlucky housemate is booted out of the house.

They will then speak to AJ & Will in an interview in new spin-off show Late & Live straight after.

October saw the launch of the new series with 16 housemates entering the new house.

They will inhabit the renowned reality TV residence for a potential six-week stint with cameras diligently documenting their every move.

Beneath the iconic Big Brother house‘s roof, a contemporary redesign awaits with the introduction of an upstairs area, featuring a glass wall that allows housemates to oversee the communal living space. Accessibility is ensured, as they can reach this space via stairs or a specially installed mobility lift.

Big Brother 2023 housemates group photo

Elsewhere in the house, the lavish bedroom accommodates numerous single and double beds, alongside a capacious pampering station. Here, housemates can relax, absorb the latest house shenanigans, and indulge in personal grooming as they prepare for another eventful day in the house.

Meanwhile the reboot will see the return of ingenious challenges, nerve-wracking nominations and live evictions.

Once more, the public’s pivotal role will shine, as they cast their votes throughout the series, deciding who goes and ultimately voting for the winner, who will depart with a transformative cash prize.

Big Brother airs on ITV2 and ITVX.

Big Brother made its debut on UK television screens in 2000 on Channel 4, and later migrated to Channel 5 in 2011.

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