Big Brother spoilers: Housemates face their first shopping task


The first Big Brother 2023 shopping task has been revealed!

Sixteen brand new housemates arrived in the house on Sunday night for the first series of Big Brother UK in five years.

And today in the house the group were set their very first shopping task, which will run for the next two days.

Big Brother 'big wigs' talk to the other housemates

The housemates were told by Big Brother they would become employees at Big Bros limited.

Three housemates have become ‘Big Wigs’ (quite literally!) while the other housemates will have to complete a series of office-themed tasks.

The number of tasks needed to pass is locked in the upper living room and will only be revealed at the end of the two day challenge.

If they complete enough tasks they’ll win a luxury shopping budget otherwise they’ll have to try and feed all sixteen of them on a basic budget.

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

In the latest episode on Tuesday night, the housemates took on an endurance task in a bid to win a special treat.

Big Brother said: “This is Big Brother. Housemates, the key to living harmoniously in my house is to know each other inside out. And in today’s case, top and tail.”

Big Brother housemates in the kitchen

Big Brother added: “Can all the housemates make themselves comfy in the big bed? The last housemate in bed will win a very special treat.”

All of the housemates got into Big Brother’s Big Bed. If a housemate got out of the bed or fell asleep, they were disqualified.

Immediately after the task began, Henry got out of the bed, quickly followed by Jordan.

Throughout the day, Big Brother tried to tempt housemates out of the bed with a number of treats, including a cheeseboard, smoothies, and some of the contents of Jenkin’s exploded suitcase.

Ultimately, Paul, Zak, Dylan and Matty won the task as the last remaining housemates and won themselves a special party.

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