Big Brother’s Chanelle and Olivia punished for nominations talk

Chanelle and Olivia are have been punished for talking about nominations on Big Brother.


Despite two previous rule breaks in the house, one of which also involved Olivia, the housemates seemingly still haven’t learned their lesson.

In tonight’s show, Olivia, Jenkin and Chanelle were sitting on the sofa when talk edturns to the upcoming nominations.


“Tomorrow is going to be f***ing hard,” Olivia said.

Jenkin, already facing eviction after being nominated by Yinrun, Trish and Jordan in the Hunger Games task, said: “For you.”

Chanelle also said: “For you.”


Olivia asked: “Do you know?”

Chanelle, who was immune after the Hunger Games task, said: “I forgive but I’ll never forget. For me, my best mate is up for eviction.”

Jenkin interjected: “You can’t.”


Chanelle said: “I’m not saying it’s that.”

Olivia then said: “Do you know what? In a way I needed to hear that because sometimes I can be a bit like that where I see something in someone and think…”

Jenkin interjects again: “Guys. Just stop this conversation.”


But despite Jenkin’s interruptions, Chanelle and Olivia’s conversation hasn’t gone unnoticed by Big Brother.

As a result of their talk, Chanelle’s eviction immunity REVOKED while Olivia has been BANNED from nominating for her second rule break.

The results of the nominations will air in Wednesday night’s highlights show.

Also in Tuesday night’s Big Brother, emotions ran high when friends and family enter the house.

big brother housemates family 7

However not everyone got to see their loved ones.

As part of a new shopping task, two housemates at a time had to man Big Brother’s Security Hut.


The pairs were each faced with the tough decision to decide which one of two family members of the other housemates could be let into the house.

While the family member not chosen was sent home, the other stepped into the house.

However while they may try to communicate with housemates, if the housemates communicated back, or turned to face the intruder, they would fail the task.


Jenkin said: “I just want to say that if my family come here, I don’t care about the situation, I will be engaging in conversation with them.”

Big Brother continues at 9PM nightly on ITV2 and ITVX.

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