Big Brother’s Hallie and Olivia face punishment for MAJOR rule break

Hallie and Olivia face a punishment on Big Brother after a major rule break.

Tonight’s episode (Wednesday) saw the latest round of nominations take place.

And during the nominations process, Big Brother’s golden rule that housemates must not discuss nominations was broken.

In a chat on the sofa, Hallie and Olivia tried to converse by writing names on each other’s backs.

Hallie writes on Olivia's back
Hallie writes on Olivia’s back

“Let’s write some secret messages,” said Olivia with all the subtlety of… well, Olivia.

“Let’s not talk in code,” she added as Hallie wrote letters on her back.

“N…O…” Olivia said out loud.

“Stop spelling now,” Hallie instructed.

“Yep, got you,” Olivia concluded.

The rule breaking didn’t go unnoticed and the pair will face a punishment in tomorrow night’s (Thursday) show.

Fans also spotted Hallie and Olivia’s coded messages, with one reacting on social media: “Am I the only one that clocked what Hallie wrote on Olivia’s back ? If that’s not discussing nomination then I don’t know what is”

Big Brother's Olivia in the Diary Room

A second added: “Surely Hallie and Olivia should be punished for these secret messages OBVIOUSLY saying who they nominated”

Another commented on X (formerly Twitter): “Hallie and Olivia clearly telling each other who they voted for big brother better pull them up on that”

It was Zak and Henry who ended up for eviction this week once all the votes were tallied with five and four nominations respectively.

Additionally, Jordan, Trish, Paul and Matty had three nominations. Noky, Hallie and Olivia received two nominations each. Those without nominations were Tom, Dylan, Chanelle, Yinrun and Jenkin.

The latest eviction takes place live this Friday night on ITV2 and ITVX at 9PM, hosted by AJ Odudu and Will Best.

Alongside the nightly highlights show, AJ and Will also host spin-off Late & Live at 11PM each evening, offering more exclusives from the house and audience discussion.

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