Big Brother spoilers as Yinrun nominates ‘two faced’ Hallie


Yinrun nominated Hallie in the latest round of Big Brother nominations, it’s been revealed.

Housemates nominated for the third time yesterday and the full run down of who nominated who will be aired in tonight’s episode

But before then, one sneak peek nomination has been revealed in a clip on spin-off show Late & Live.

Hallie and Yinrun

The first look show Yinrun in the Diary Room nominating Hallie.

She told Big Brother: “My first nomination of this week is Hallie.

“The rule break Hallie was the person who called Zak a game player behind his back and also breached the nomination rules as well.

“I think it’s made me more paranoid because of that kind of game.”

However Yinrun’s nominations didn’t prove to age too well.

Her votes ended up being discounted after she also broke the house rules.

Following a rule violation disclosure by Big Brother to the housemates, she found herself confined within a crimson enclosure.

Moreover, Yinrun’s recent nominations were nullified and won’t be considered this week.

Details about Yinrun’s rule-breaking and how her cancelled nominations will affect this week’s eviction lineup will be revealed in the highlight episode on Wednesday night (25 October).

The housemates with the highest number of nominations will be up for the next audience vote.

yinrun in jail

Big Brother airs every evening at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

In the latest episode last night, following a dispute with Olivia over a shopping task, tensions rose between Paul and Olivia.

Olivia informed Big Brother she anticipated an apology from Paul due to his tirade. Later on, Kerry recommended Paul to reconcile with Olivia. While Paul recognized his emotional outburst, he remained resolute.

Meanwhile, in a hushed moment, Henry and Jordan exchanged a goodnight peck. Jordan humorously tried to dodge the camera’s attention.

Stay updated with the Big Brother house every evening at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX from Sunday to Friday.

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