Big Brother spoiler! Jordan nominates ‘melodramatic’ Noky for eviction

The first of this week’s Big Brother 2023 nominations has been revealed.

Yesterday (Tuesday) in the house, the housemates nominated for the second time this year.

In a change from last week, each was asked to nominate the two people they wanted to see face eviction.

Jordan in the Big Brother Diary Room

While we’ll have to wait until tonight’s highlights show to see the full run down of who nominated who, one nomination has been revealed.

In a clip on Big Brother spin-off show Late & Live, it was revealed that Jordan had nominated Noky for eviction.

He said in the Diary Room: “My second nomination is Noky I found that over the past few days she’s being slightly melodramatic.

“When we had to nominate two people to go into the VIP glamping area, she acted as if going in there was a life changing opportunity and broke into tears for some inexplainable reason, confusing the house and ruining what was supposed to be a treat for two people.

“Her melodramatics make me question weather I can trust anything Noky has to say.”

Whether or not Noky will have enough votes to face the public vote remains to be seen.

Ahead of nominations being revealed in full, Kerry and Olivia have been named as the favourites to get the boot.

Noky laying on the sofa in the Big Brother house

Sam Boswell, spokesperson of BetVictor said: “Kerry is our 15/8 favourite to be the next contestant to be eliminated. She managed to escape eviction on Friday as Farida was shown the door.

“Olivia is the second favourite to be evicted, at 7/2. She has been a main character in the house since the series started – love her or hate her she provides entertainment and drama! But could she be rubbing people up the wrong way?”

Tune in to Big Brother tonight from 9PM on ITV2 and and ITVX to find out who faces the next eviction on Friday.

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