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Big Brother UK fans rejoice over nominations change

The second round of Big Brother nominations will take place in the house today and a change has been announced.


Last week saw Farida become the first housemate to be evicted from the brand new series.

The second round of nominations will happen in the house this evening (Tuesday) and be shown on TV tomorrow (Wednesday).

big brother chanelle diary room

In a change from last week, housemates will each be asked to nominate two of their fellow contestants to face eviction.

Fans were quick to celebrate the return to the usual format after last week saw housemates only given the opportunity to nominate one person.

One wrote on X: “ITV totally listened to us. Nominations early this week and two! ”


A second enthused: “Yaaay! They listened to us! Has to be 2 nominations!”

And a third posted: “Good to see it go back to the original format…Nice work ITV. They seem to be listening to suggestions from the viewers, I admire that very much. #BBUK”

Meanwhile another fan suggested: “And personally I’d like it if it was the top 3 get nominated! Makes it a bit more unpredictable”

As for who will be up for eviction this week, watch this space!

Ahead of nominations taking place, there’s been plenty of drama in the house.

In tonight’s episode, Hallie addresses her recent outburst with an apology: “Guys I just want to say something. I had a bit of a diva moment yesterday and I want to apologise because it’s happened a few times now and yesterday was the breaking point of all divaness


However Jenkin shares his perspective with Chanelle: “I feel like a lot of it is for show and I find it hard to have a conversation with her because she’s constantly stepping in the camera.”

Meanwhile, Jordan expresses his dissatisfaction with Tom’s comments to Trish, saying, “Even last night when I was talking to Tom, he was like ‘You don’t do anything’ and I didn’t like it coming from him but I accept it coming from you because we have that connection.”


Later, Jordan addresses the issue with Tom directly, saying, “Tom I need to tell you, you know the dishes? I washed up so many dishes.. You just haven’t noticed.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.