Big Brother fans fume over results after favourite Trish is evicted


Big Brother fans have been left fuming over the latest eviction results.

Tonight saw two housemates leave in a second double eviction of the series.

Chanelle was the first out, which wasn’t too much of a shock, but Trish was second to depart in a surprise outcome

Big Brother housemates gather for the eviction results

A very close result had been expected ahead of the live show and Trish left the house to cheers and chants of ‘We Love Trish’.

On social media, fans were left upset by the result with Trish having been the second favourite to win.

“NOOOO TRISH IS GONE! I hate the British public #BBUK” one fan reacted on X/Twitter.

Another posted: “WTF no way Trish is evicted I demand a recount now!! #BBUK”

Added a third: “Not Ar Trish 😭 I’m gonna be in a state of mourning for the next month #BBUK”

Meanwhile another fan of Trish wrote: “Trish will go down as one of my favourite Big Brother housemates of all time. Razor sharp, loyal, emotionally intelligent, completely 100% her authentic self. We’ve been absolutely robbed of having her in the final where she ABSOLUTELY deserves to be. Stupid result”

In her exit, Trish confessed she was “a bit shocked” but added: “At the same time there was a part of me that thought, this is my third nomination. if I was a viewer, I might be thinking, ‘This is the third time her mates are putting them up, they can’t just be hating’.”

And she said of her clashes with some of the other housemates: “I feel they sometimes always saw me as aggressive even when I was just existing.”

The double exit leaves Jenkin, Olivia, Noky, Jordan, Henry, Yinrun, Tom and Matty in the house going into the final week of the series.

Big Brother returns with its latest highlights show on Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX. Before then, live feed will be back online on ITVX from 9PM on Saturday.

The live final takes place next Friday as one of the remaining housemates leave with a £100,000 prize.

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