BBC One announces new gameshow Catchpoint with host Paddy McGuinness

Contestants can't let the ball drop in Saturday night physical challenge

BBC One has signed Paddy McGuinness to present brand new Saturday night gameshow ‘Catchpoint’, which requires both brains and balls.


The format, co-produced by ITV Studios labels Possessed and 12 Yard, has a simple premise: don’t drop the ball.

At the back of the studio is the ‘Catch Zone’, where ten large screens display possible answers to a quiz question.

Above all ten screens are trapdoors, containing balls of various sizes.

Contestants have to run to their preferred answer and hit a button to release the ball, which they must catch.

However, only the door above the correct answer will open, sending its ball plummeting to the ground.

If they’re standing in the right place, catching it should be easy – but get it wrong and they’ll have to rely on quick reflexes not to let the ball drop.


A variety of rounds will lead up to an exciting finale, when a cash prize will be up for grabs.

“I’m thrilled to be hosting Catchpoint,” said Paddy. “It’s always exciting being part of a new show, especially one that involves so many fun elements.

“I can’t wait to get started! Now where did I put those cricket gloves?”

The Beeb has ordered a series of six half-hour episodes of Catchpoint, set to begin later this year.

It is one of two new Saturday entertainment shows that will debut on BBC One in the coming months.

The broadcaster recently announced ‘The Time It Takes’, hosted by Joe Lycett, which involves players answering questions during silly tasks.

Kate Phillips, controller of entertainment commissioning at the BBC, said: “Both The Time It Takes and Catchpoint are two extremely innovative, play along formats which leapt off the page when they were first pitched.


“With the extremely talented Joe Lycett and Paddy McGuinness as ringmasters there will be lots of laughs but also tensions as the contestants tackle the tyranny of time in two very different ways.

“It’s games on for BBC One.”