The Apprentice winners: Where are they now?

Who won The Apprentice last year? Winners revisited

Ahead of The Apprentice 2019 this week we take a look back at the previous winners.

Like most reality shows, there’s been quite the variation in the successes of winners from The Apprentice, from business flops to mutli-million pound companies.

During the show’s first six series it was a job up for grabs and while few of the winners still work with Lord Sugar himself, he’s very much in contact with most of them, as well as plenty of the other candidates from the previous ten-plus years worth of series.

Since 2011 the candidates have been competing for an investment from Lord Sugar in their business with over £2 million having been injected into new companies that Lord Sugar says are all doing very well.

But just who won The Apprentice last year and what are the past winners get up since leaving?

Who won The Apprentice last year?

the apprentice 2018 final result sian

After a tense final boardroom, Lord Sugar named Sian Gabbidon the winner of The Apprentice 2018.

Lord Sugar picked Sian to be his business partner. She received a £250,000 business investment and 50/50 partnership with the multi-millionaire business mogul.

Sian showcased her new premium swimwear business, Sian Marie, which has since expanded to add more clothing lines to its range.


But what about the rest? Here’s what the other winners of The Apprentice got up in the years after their victories, starting right back at Series 1…


Tim Campbell

Having won the first ever series some nine years ago now, Tim went on to work with Lord Sugar for two years working in Health and Beauty. He’s stayed in touch with the boss since, but Tim went it alone with his Bright Ideas Trust in 2007. The project earned him an MBE in 2012 for services to enterprise culture. In 2016, he started new marketing business Marketing Runners.


Michelle Dewberry

Michelle was the first female winner of the show back in 2006, however she was the first to get out early, not fulfilling her one year contract with Lord Sugar. Now Michelle works as a ‘motivational speaker’, as well as making regular appearances on the telly.


Simon Ambrose

Simon has been by far the most successful of the apprentice winners when it comes to working with Lord Sugar. Hired in 2007, Simon worked alongside the boss for three years before leaving for his own company, which now owns a portfolio of proprieties including housing, restaurants and art galleries.


Lee McQueen

After controversially winning the 2008 series, Lee McQueen went on to found a recruitment company alongside Lord Sugar’s son, Simon Sugar. In 2010 he set up the Raw Talent Academy to teach skills to Sales people .


Yasmina Siadatan

Restaurateur Yasmina won the 2009 series but never spent more than a year working for Lord Sugar, taking maternity leave for her first baby shortly after being hired.

After returning to work, Yasmina quit her job and instead accepted an offer from Dragons Den star James Caan, working for his private equity firm Hamilton Bradshaw.

She’s since become the creative director at the Start-Up Loans Company, offering funding to thousands of new companies with £320 million of committed funding as of 2015.


Stella English

Stella resigned from her job at Lord Sugar’s firm after less than a year, claiming that she was simply an “overpaid lackey”. The winner of the 2010 series went on to sue Lord Sugar for constructive dismissal, a case which proved unsuccessful when it went before an employment tribunal.

Stella has since launched CrowdBox TV, a Sky TV channel dedicating to promoting Crowdfunding projects.


Thomas Pellereau

Tom was the first winner of the show’s new prize, a £250,000 investment. The inventor worked hard to get his work – which includes his curved nail style file – into shops. With Lord Sugar’s help, the product is now stocked in a range of stores and has seen an array of spin-offs including nail clippers. Thomas has gone on to release further inventions including diagnostics equipment and ethical goods.


Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin launched his own recruitment services company Hyper Recruitment Solutions in 2012. With Lord Sugar’s help, the new company posted a profit after the first financial year last April.


Dr Leah Totton

Leah’s cosmetic surgery business plan proved quite controversial, but eventually won Lord Sugar over in 2013’s closely fought finale with Luisa Zissman. Leah’s central London cosmetic clinic Dr. Leah opened in 2014, offering non invasive treatments. In 2016, Leah opened a second clinic in Essex.


Mark Wright

Mark launched his Climb Online SEO business in the Spring of last year after winning 2014’s run. The company was already making a profit as of April 2015.

Joseph Valente

Lord Alan Sugar is no longer in business with The Apprentice 2015 winner Joseph Valente. Sugar ‘hired’ Valente during the eleventh series of the BBC contest, choosing him over rival finalist Vana Koutsomitis.

The tycoon invested the £250,000 prize in Valente’s boiler company ImpraGas. However in 2017 it was revealed that he has split from the business, with Valente buying back his 50% stake. They remain on good terms, with Sugar promising he will continue to offer support to his former protégé.

Alana Spencer

It was Alana Spencer who won The Apprentice 2016, securing a £250,000 investment for her bakery business. Following the final she put her business plan into action with Lord Sugar’s help. Her Ridiculously Rich brand sells its homemade cakes and chocolates online, at events and via sales reps.

In 2019, it was revealed that Alana had purchased Lord Sugar’s shares of the business leaving her as the sole owner.

“I will follow Alana’s progress with much affection,” Lord Sugar said.

Alana added: “The knowledge and advice gained from Lord Sugar and his team in the early stages of the business has been invaluable.”

Sarah Lynn and James White

the apprentice final two
There was a surprise when it came to who won The Apprentice 2017. In a shock twist, when faced with the decision between the two candidates, Lord Sugar decided it was a dead heat, and picked both to be his business Sarah Lynn and James White partners.

Both winners received a £250,000 business investment and 50/50 partnership with the multi-millionaire business mogul.

Sarah launched her sweet confectionery company Sweets in the City, now stocked by the likes of Harrods and Selfridges, while James and Lord Sugar currently work on his Right Time Recruitment his IT recruitment service.



The Apprentice 2019 continues Wednesday nights on BBC One.

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