The Apprentice winner says business plan was ‘just for the show’

The Apprentice winner James White has said the business plan in the final was just for the show.


It was Sarah Lynn AND James White who won The Apprentice 2017 in yesterday evening’s final results results.

The surprise outcome was a first for the show in its history, as Lord Sugar decided to invest his cash in both candidates.

In a shock twist, when faced with the decision between the two candidates, Lord Sugar decided it was a dead heat, and picked both to be his business partner. Both winners will receive a £250,000 business investment and 50/50 partnership with the multi-millionaire business mogul.

In the final, James pitched Lord Sugar an IT recruitment service called First Tier Talent.

apprentice 2017 final

But he’s now said that none of the work will go forward into the actual business he’ll be starting with Lord Sugar.


“The name and the branding isn’t the brand that we’re going to use, I’ve already got a brand and it’s called Right Time Recruitment so we’re going to stick with that,” he said this week.

James added: “The name that you saw on the show was more of a concept for the show, but we’re going to stick with what we’ve got already.”

Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, James continued: “We’ve started to create an image around the brand over the last few months and that would be a shame to change.

“So we’ve had a conversation and we’re going to stick with Right Time Recruitment. We’ve already got quite a few clients and just to change it all now would be the wrong thing to do.

the apprentice 2017 final 2

“I thought it could be for the business, but we just sat down and decided it’s best to keep the one we’d already chosen. But at the time of the show I absolutely thought that could have been the one for the business going forward.”


Meanwhile, James’ fellow winner Sarah has also changed her business following the final.

The Apprentice will return to BBC One in 2018.