The Apprentice 2017 results: Why Lord Sugar chose TWO winners

Lord Sugar has revealed why he chose to name TWO winners of The Apprentice 2017 tonight.


It was Sarah Lynn AND James White who won The Apprentice 2017 in this evening’s final results results.

The surprise outcome was a first for the show in its history, as Lord Sugar decided to invest his cash in both candidates.

In a shock twist, when faced with the decision between the two candidates, Lord Sugar decided it was a dead heat, and picked both to be his business partner. Both winners will receive a £250,000 business investment and 50/50 partnership with the multi-millionaire business mogul.

After learning of his win, James said: “I have always, since I was a young boy, looked up to Lord Sugar as a businessman, and to now be his business partner is literally a dream that I’ve always had and for that dream to come true… it’s just very, very humbling.”

the apprentice final two

Speaking about her win, Sarah added: “It feels incredible. I’m just shocked and amazed and so proud that Lord Sugar found enough in both of us to make a double investment. The future is definitely sweet, and it’s going to be a great adventure.”


Speaking about his extra-large investment this year, Lord Sugar explained: “Well, there I was. Torn, I just couldn’t choose between one or the other. The only fair thing to do was to choose them both. Thing is, it’s now going to cost me half a million pounds.”

Lord Sugar said of offering investment to both candidates: “This is a historic moment I suppose, in the thirteen years we’ve been doing this. And it’s really because of what I said in the episode.

“I couldn’t make a decision, it had to be both of them! They were two genuinely great experts in their field and I’m looking forward to going into business with them.”

Describing what he saw in Sarah and her confectionery business, Lord Sugar said: “She’s a very steady business person who has already got a business going, has successfully run it and I think it’s ready to go like that!

“That’s the point, to scale it up. I have no idea about sweets, other than they break my teeth, but she’s the boss and all I’m going to going to do is make sure that we have the correct mentoring from a business point of view to make sure she stays on the right tracks.”

apprentice finalists 2017

Lord Sugar also gave the reasons he decided to invest in James and his recruitment company: “He knows his business inside out. That’s what I think we found. When we spoke to him he knew all of the nooks and crannies – all of the speciality skills that are required in that business.


“I want to give him the opportunity now of becoming the boss.”

The Apprentice will return to BBC One next year.