24 Hours In Police Custody (The Predator)

24 Hours In Police Custody continues with a brand new episode titled The Predator.


The latest episode of a brand new series will air on Sunday, 17 December at 9PM on Channel 4.

The UK’s most acclaimed true crime documentary series presents a gripping, feature-length special episode titled The Predator.

This episode delves into a crime that, while seldom discussed, is more prevalent than many realize. The story unfolds with a man receiving an explicit photo and a proposition for a sexual encounter through the Grindr app. He agrees to meet at the sender’s apartment, but shortly after, is captured on CCTV hastily leaving the premises.

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The following day, Bedfordshire Police are alerted to a rape allegation and proceed to arrest the suspect at his flat. The suspect acknowledges his frequent use of Grindr for sexual encounters, estimating encounters with five men weekly since 2010 for his personal satisfaction.

The episode offers unprecedented insight into the Bedfordshire Police’s Rape & Serious Sexual Offences team as they navigate the complex process of determining if there is sufficient evidence to charge the suspect, who insists the sexual encounter was consensual, and the accuser who claims to be a victim of violent rape.


DI Clare Gilbert comments: “The fine-grained detail is the difficult stuff. It’s actually talking about what has happened to them, something that’s very personal, very intimate. Consent is very difficult to prove. So, we have to get into the mindset of the perpetrator. Why did they think that the victim was consenting?”

The episode explores the sensitive and complex issues surrounding consent, the rarity of police investigations into male rape, and the challenges in bringing such cases to court. Viewers are presented with a harrowing real-life drama, where the facts are as compelling and intricate as any crime fiction.

24 Hours In Police Custody airs Sunday, 16 December at 9PM on Channel 4.


It is the third episode of the latest series following episode 2 – The Night Prowler amd episode one’s armed siege.

You can watch and catch up on episodes of 24 Hours In Police Custody online via the All 4 website.