24 Hours In Police Custody (The Night Prowler)


24 Hours In Police Custody continues tonight with a brand new episode titled The Night Prowler.

The latest episode of a brand new series will air on Sunday, 10 December at 9PM on Channel 4.

In the documentary The Night Prowler, DC Shona Birkby of Bedfordshire Police’s Rape & Serious Sexual Offences team delves into a troubling case involving voyeurism.

She analyses a phone video showing a couple engaged in a sexual act in an alleyway, unaware that they are being secretly filmed.

Birkby expresses grave concern, recognizing that voyeurism is not only a sexual offence but also a deeply violating act that could escalate to more serious crimes.

The documentary closely follows DC Birkby’s meticulous investigation of the suspect, believed to be frequently filming women in compromising situations at night for sexual gratification.

As the investigation unfolds, viewers also hear from the suspect, who, despite acknowledging his behaviour as repulsive and wrong, denies being a sexual predator.

The intensity of the case heightens when, just weeks after the sex video incident, police respond to an emergency call from a nightclub.

The door staff report a suspected attack on a woman, adding a sinister twist to the ongoing investigation.

24 Hours In Police Custody airs Sunday, 10 December at 9PM on Channel 4.

It is the second episode of the series following last week’s armed siege.

You can watch and catch up on episodes of 24 Hours In Police Custody online via the All 4 website.