Your Home Made Perfect tonight heads to Devon to help Louise and Stephen

Your Home Made Perfect returns to BBC Two tonight for brand episode.

Presenter Angela Scanlon returns with a line up of architects ready to help transform problematic homes into dream homes with the magic of virtual reality.

This evening’s episode sees Angela welcome Louise and Stephen.

Angela Scanlon poses in a publicity photo for Your Home Made Perfect on BBC Two. She is pictured from the waist up, smiling for the camera in a knitted pink jumper
Angela Scanlon, hosts of Your Home Made Perfect on BBC Two. Credit: BBC/Remarkable TV

Lou and Steve relocated from London to Devon, driven by the desire for their children, Maisey and Jesse, both of whom are deaf, to attend a specialized school. While their initial impression of the house wasn’t immediate affection, they chose to purchase it due to its stunning location.

Challenges arise right from the house’s facade, where grand steps give it an unintended resemblance to a Spanish nightclub. The family adores the expansive garden featuring a swimming pool, yet it remains entirely disconnected from the house, separated by a towering retaining wall.

Taking on the task of unleashing the full potential of this property are acclaimed architects Lizzie Fraher and Damion Burrows. Following a thorough examination of the issues, Lizzie presents innovative concepts to enhance the front’s appeal, while Damion proposes a daring solution to maximize the captivating sea views.

Will the couple opt for Lizzie’s imaginative wildflower hill or embrace Damion’s audacious house transformation?

Your Home Made Perfect airs on BBC Two and iPlayer at 8PM on Tuesday, 15 August.

You can catch up with past episodes online now via the BBC iPlayer.

A spin-off show Your Garden Made Perfect launched in 2020.

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