X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger reveals what she’s REALLY like off camera

Nicole Scherzinger admits she’s ‘crapping her pants’ with nerves on The X Factor.


While she seems like the picture of sophisticated grace on our screens, it’s a different story off camera.

“I am SO damn nervous,” Nicole has confessed. “When I’m waiting on a Saturday night I’m crapping my pants.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh I’ve forgotten how to speak.’ But I focus on the contestants and I focus on the music, then I just GIVE. And it works.”

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror newspaper, Nicole went on to reveal just what the other judges were also like behind the scenes.


The Right There hitmaker explained: “I’m bringing back the tradition of the X Factor family dinner from when I last was on the panel.


“Every Sunday night we take it in turns to pick our restaurant and take everyone else out for dinner. I’m not doing the cooking.”

On Simon Cowell, Nicole suggested: “I definitely think he’s softened lately.

“I think it’s being a dad to little Eric. He’s just more laid-back now.”

On Louis Walsh, Nicole said: “I love that Louis went because now they all really appreciate him.

“They took the mick out of him before, but now they realise the show isn’t the same without him. Louis’s really revelling in it.”

And on “momma” Sharon Osbourne, aka Mrs O, Nicole raved: “She’s hilarious. I really look up to her, she’s like a queen the way she carries herself.


“And I love her fashion, she’s so gangster, she has the best jewellery.


“I learn from her where to shop. I don’t know if I’ll be buying too much, I don’t think I’m as rich as her yet.”

The X Factor 2017 is back Saturday night at 8:10PM on ITV.