X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger isn’t sure about all the changes

Nicole Scherzinger has confessed she’s not quite sure about X Factor’s big changes.


This year saw a total revamp to the live shows, with six rounds rather than the usual ten.

For the first four weeks, contestants and face eliminations on both Saturday and Sunday nights, while the bottom two sing-off has gone.

The public alone now decide who goes, while those who top the vote are revealed and sing again in a new ‘Prize Fight’ twist.

Speaking to Look magazine, Nicole confessed: “They’re literally changing everything up this year. Even as a judge, I’m like, ‘Woah’.”

x factor 2017 results louis nicole

And she admitted to being in the dark about some the plans for the future rounds, adding: “I’ve been asking them how it will all work but I guess we’ll see. They can switch it up as they go along,” she explained.


Nicole also joked that the editors failed to include her enough in the pre-recorded clips.

“I like to see how they edit things because I’ve lived it and then you see it. Then I’m like, ‘No, they should have done this, why did they do that?’ I’m so much more fabulous but they take away my shine, they dull it down! Let it be the Scherzy Show once in a while,” she said.

Speaking earlier this year, Simon suggested that the changes would make the show less “boring and predictable.”

Simon explained: “When you’ve done it for 14 years you can’t keep making the same show every year. I think you have to realise what the contestants are in it for, why do so many people enter?

“I think if you just make the same show each year it becomes boring and predictable.

“So you try and make changes for the better, not everything works but some ideas we’ve got for the live shows are going to be good.”

Simon Cowell X Factor 2017
Simon Cowell X Factor 2017

On the decision to reduce the length of the finals, Simon said: “I just think it’s the way things are in all these shows at the moment. The early and middle rounds rate well. So, the idea is to do more of the middle shows and less of the live shows.


“We’ll see if it works or not. I think there might be a middle ground.”

The X Factor 2017 continues with its fourth round of live shows this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.