X Factor’s Honey G is releasing her own brand of honey


X Factor singer Honey G is releasing her own brand of HONEY.

The former X Factor finalist is looking to diversify away from music with a new food product.

Honey G says she hopes her product could be on supermarket shelves as soon as this summer.

“We’re looking to get it into shops as soon as possible,” she shared with The Sun newspaper. “We’ve got loads of ideas of how we’re going to produce it. We’re going to present it in a really cool way with a nice slogan.

“The honey’s going to be completely organic, preservative free so it’s going to be pure honey.”

Insisting it was no joke, Honey G revealed she and her team had been doing “a lot of market research” to launch the brand successfully.

“It might take us a while to pitch to supermarkets and it might be time-consuming,” she confessed. “We’re going to take the honey out to the public, get them tasting it and get their responses. And then we’ll post out on all my social media and promote it there.”

Honey G appeared on The X Factor in 2016 and went on to release a debut single shortly after.

Last year Honey G revealed she had turned down “a lot of money” to take part in Celebrity Big Brother.

Honey G explained: “I got offered a lot of money to do Celebrity Big Brother but I turned it down.

“I’m not interested in doing reality shows. That’s not what I want to do. I want to put out credible music.”

After her first single, Honey G left Simon Cowell’s Syco company and recently released new single Riding Hot on her own record label.