X Factor’s Honey G insists she’s not ‘flopped’ after last year’s series

X Factor’s Honey G insists she’s not become a flop following last year’s show.


2016 finalist Honey G has hit back after reports claimed she was being forced to sell tickets to her gigs for just £4.50.

Honey G said: “How can I be a flop when I’m the only X Factor finalist to have the most gigs out of all of them since X Factor 2016 finished?”

She explained: “I’ve now done over 50 live nightclub gigs in the UK and Ireland since X Factor 2016 finished, and all of them have been to sell-out crowds – and this isn’t including the X Factor arena tour.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Honey G went on: “In fact I just received a bonus from Syco for merchandise sales from the X Factor tour.

honey g

“Most of my gigs have been so packed there have been barriers at the front so I don’t get rushed by the screaming crowds. And of course, I don’t go anywhere without my own personal security.”


While Honey G may be playing to big crowds, her music has so far struggled to sell.

Honey G’s debut song ‘The Honey G Show’ proved an epic fail in the charts, making it to just Number 149 in the official countdown.

However Honey G put the result down to a lack of promotion.

“I don’t think The Honey G Show was given the promotion it actually deserved – it was Christmas time, a lot of people went home for Christmas,” she said this earlier this year.

A spokesperson for Honey G said work on her album was now underway with a range of top talent.


They said: “Honey has become so famous since X Factor 2016 that nowadays she really cannot even walk down the street without getting mobbed.


“She’s recently been recording her album at world renowned Metropolis Studios collaborating with engineer Paul Norris and Mazen Murad, mix/master engineer, who have worked with some of the biggest names in the business such as Robbie Williams, Rolling Stones, Usher, Groove Armada, Bjork, Dizzee Rascal, Young Thug, Alanis Morissette. The list goes on.

“It’s only a matter of months now that Honey will be getting the chart success she deserves.”