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X Factor’s Anthony Russell says Louis Tomlinson saved his life

X Factor 2018 contestant Anthony Russell has credited Louis Tomlinson with saving his life.


Anthony is one of the four finalists in Louis Tomlinson’s Boys category alongside Armstrong Martins, 23 from London, Brendan Murray, 21 from Galway and Dalton Andre Harris, 24 from Jamaica.

The 28-year-old from Liverpool took part in the series last year but withdrew after the Six Chair Challenge for personal reasons.

In this year’s show, it was revealed that Louis had reached out to help Anthony through his problems.

Ahead of the first live episode tonight, Anthony told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I would be dead now if it was not for him.”

“It got so bad I was drinking every day,” he recalled of his lowest point. “I had a decent job on the railway but ruined it all when I turned up drunk and high, off my rocker.”

Anthony, who says Louis is like a “proper brother to him”, added: “I’m always going to be a recovering addict. Since rehab Louis has called me. He proper cares. I need to make him proud.”


Meanwhile, speaking about life in the house, Anthony said: “It’s amazing, everyone’s on top form, we’re all on the same wave length, I never want to go to bed.”

He added: “Everyone in Liverpool is rooting for me, the support and love online has been amazing.”

Louis himself said of his acts: “I think I’ve got this level of respect and understanding with my, I’m not even going to call them contestants, with my artists. I just want to do different things with them.


“But in my mind right now there’s two potential winners in my squad. That’s not a bad position to be in for year one…I’m not complaining!”

The X Factor 2018 live shows begin tonight at 8:25PM on ITV and continues Sunday at 8PM.