X Factor spoiler: Simon Cowell ‘moved to tears by most emotional audition ever’


Simon Cowell was reportedly moved to tears by X Factor’s ‘most emotional audition ever’ this month.

The new series of The X Factor launches in the autumn on ITV, with filming currently underway.

This year Simon Cowell will be joined by new X Factor 2018 judges Ayda Williams, Robbie Williams and Louis Tomlinson on the show.

The panel have been hosting auditions in London and were recently left touched by a very special performance.

The Daily Mail reports on one act, 25-year-old Jay, who sang a heartbreaking original song about the passing of his mother.

The lyrics left the panel touched as they also opened up on losing their parents.

Simon, who said goodbye to his mum three years ago, said: “I speak to my parents every day even though they aren’t here.”

Meanwhile, Louis, who lost his mother in 2016, console the contestant by joining him on the stage.

Ayda added: “I lost my dad suddenly and the world swallowed me up on the day I found out.”

According to the newspaper, the judges took a ten minute breather to “regain their composure after the emotional scene.”

Elsewhere at the auditions, troubled Anthony Russell has returned to the show after quitting last year’s series ahead of the Six Chair Challenge, citing “personal reasons”.

At Anthony’s new audition, One Direction star Louis declined to participate in the judges’ vote, believing it would be unfair – as he had previously become friends with Anthony.

A ‘friend’ of Louis revealed that he had reached out to the Liverpool lad following his sudden exit.

“Louis felt an affinity to Anthony,” the pal explained to the Daily Mail. “He believed he had a real future.

“He got in touch with Anthony as soon as he left the show last year and has been a constant friend to him.

“From when he first spoke to Anthony, he was determined to get Anthony fit and well enough to enter the show in 2018. Louis had no idea at that stage that he would become a judge in the future.

“He is delighted to be a judge now – but was determined to be 100 per cent transparent with his fellow judges, the audience and the general public at large, about the support he has given to Anthony.”

The X Factor 2018 will start on TV later in the year on ITV.