X Factor scores a big win over Strictly Come Dancing and The Voice

Strictly Come Dancing may be beating The X Factor in the ratings, but the ITV series has just scored a big win over its rival.


And there’s some pretty bad news for The Voice UK, following a new poll.

A combined audience of more than 20 million may sit down each weekend to watch the talent shows on TV each weekend, but how much do we actually remember?

Sofa and carpet specialist, ScS surveyed the nation to find out, looking to discover which talent show contestants from the likes of Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor and The Voice were the most memorable.

And it turns out The X Factor came on top with ease.

x factor winners
X Factor winners

2009 X Factor winner Joe McElderry and 2006 champion Leona Lewis both topped the rankings with three-fifths of Brits recognising the pair.

Alesha Dixon was the only past Strictly winner in the top five, although she has since appeared on The X Factor herself as a guest judge.


Overall less than a third recognised Strictly winners compared to two-fifths of X Factor champions.

The most memorable winners

Leona Lewis, X Factor / Joe McElderry, X Factor
Alexandra Burke, X Factor
Alesha Dixon, Strictly Come Dancing
Little Mix, X Factor
James Arthur, X Factor

As for The Voice UK, just 12% of Brits could remember their winners.

the voice uk logo - 1

Vicki Burns, Communications Executive at ScS, said: “We know people love nothing more than a cosy Saturday evening in on the sofa with their family and friends watching the latest talent shows, with each family member having their own preferences over which one to watch and their favourite contestants.


“With Strictly’s reputation of beating The X Factor in the ratings war it’s interesting to discover that the ITV singing show has provided us with more contestants with the unforgettable-factor.

“With Alexandra Burke coming second in the list of memorable talent show winners it will be interesting to see if her popularity carries over to the Strictly ballroom over the upcoming weeks. Whatever the case we’re sure our love of super Saturday TV nights will continue to be a real hit with people across the nation.”