X Factor has a ‘long future’ says Simon Cowell despite low ratings

Simon Cowell thinks there is a “long future” for The X Factor despite declining ratings.


The music mogul has pointed to the success of this year’s acts in the charts already, even though viewing figures are down.

2017’s series of The X Factor is on course to be the least watched yet, with the latest episodes seeing fewer than 5 million viewers.

However the show’s contestants are still enjoying music success; current finalists Rak-Su have already had two songs at Number 1 even before the series concludes.

“iTunes is really important to us. It’s the best market research you could ever have, because it’s so brutal,” Simon said this week. “Streaming takes a lot of time; iTunes is instant. It’s a very quick snapshot of how badly or how well you’re doing, so I love it.”

In an interview with Music Week, Simon rubbished rumours that the show could be dropped due to low ratings.

The TV boss confidently declared that so long as there were talented singers willing to audition, the show would continue.

“I remember the year Leona Lewis came on [2006] and when she did Summertime on the live show it was one of the best performances I’ve ever heard,” he said. “If we can still find people like that – and the same goes with Got Talent as well – then we’ve got a long future.

“It’s only when you don’t put enough attention into the contestants that I think we have a problem.”


The X Factor 2017 continues this Saturday and Sunday night live on ITV from 7:30PM.

It’ll be the semi-finals of the competition and the first time this year’s contestants have performed head to head.