X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent could move channels as Simon Cowell says he has ‘three offers on the table’

The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent could move channels at the end of next year.


The current contract between Simon Cowell’s shows and ITV expires following their series in 2019.

And despite declining ratings, Simon says he has no worries about both staying on screen beyond 2020.

However, they may no longer air on ITV.

Simon claimed this week: “I’ve got three offers on the table this month from broadcasters who want to do a deal on this show and on Britain’s Got Talent.

“They are proven brands and they bring in the right audience, so that has never been an issue.

“We’ve turned down bigger offer deals before in the past. All I’m saying is we know what audience it brings in and what it brings in advertising. But funnily enough, I have never been concerned about not getting a new deal. My concern is more of a personal thing to make sure the audience don’t get bored with it.”


In an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper, Simon said he was very optimistic about this year’s new look X Factor panel.

A huge shake up has seen Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh both leave from last year, while Sharon Osbourne will only appear in the live shows.

They’ve been replaced by One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and husband and wife duo Robbie Williams and Ayda Williams.

“We’re going to find out in a few weeks if this is money well spent,” Simon said of the line up, which is rumoured to have cost £11 million to sign. “To be honest with you, I know it is. In life, you have to do things like this… It’s exciting and makes it more thrilling, he says.

“With all three of them, you can see they’re not just there because they’ve got a pay cheque. They’re really happy they’ve got this job and they’re making a difference.”

He added: “Literally, it’s like being on a different show. It’s like X Factor’s Got Talent. It has a different kind of energy. You can see, particularly with Robbie – his confidence and how much he’s watched the show over the years – he kind of knows the show better than I do. He had his feet up on the desk from day one. They have all brought on this total new energy. They were so enthusiastic.”


The first episode of the auditions, which return to the arenas again, will air tonight at 8PM on ITV.

Simon says it “surpassed my expectations” – but will viewers agree?