All Creatures Great And Small renewed for two more series on Channel 5

All Creatures Great And Small will be back for two new series, it’s been confirmed.

All Creatures Great And Small is inspired by the writings of James Alfred Wight, written under the pen name James Herriot, about a young country vet.

Channel 5 debuted a new TV adaptation in 2020 which proved a huge hit and a second series aired last year.

It’s now been confirmed that the show will return for at least two more series with a third and fourth series commissioned.

The next series will air later in 2022.

A teaser for series 3 shares: “Expect more heartwarming tales from Darrowby throughout series three and four. As series three returns, we will rejoin our beloved Skeldale House family in the Spring of 1939 as the prospect of another World War looms large over the Dales.

“Change is afoot for all our Darrowby residents, especially James and Helen, who are embarking on the next chapter of their lives as the wider world around them heads toward a period of great uncertainty.”

Sebastian Cardwell, Deputy Director of Programmes at ViacomCBS Networks UK, said: “It is clear that our viewers adore James Herriot’s adventures in Darrowby and so do we at Channel 5. I am looking forward to us all being reunited with the Skeldale House family when series three arrives on our screens this year.”

Showrunner Ben Vanstone previously revealed there were originally plans for four series but was now looking at it running longer.

He shared (per the Radio Times): “I think that when we started the show, we had in mind arcs for these characters that took them across a number of series,” he said. “Initially, it was kind of four series. But everything in this show plays out slower than you think it would.

“I think in other shows, you sort of risk the need to have more stories and more action and more things happening, but with our show, it’s the antithesis of that. We kind of give everything time.”

All Creatures Great And Small series 2 aired on Channel 5 in autumn 2021.

You can currently watch online via Channel 5’s My5 player here.

Alongside the main series, a Christmas special aired last December on Christmas Eve.

The cast of the latest series includes Nicholas Ralph as James Herriot, Samuel West as Siegfried Farnon, Anna Madeley as Mrs Hall, Callum Woodhouse as Tristan Farnon and Rachel Shenton as Helen Alderson.

Picture: Channel 5