Will Louis Tomlinson fans win The X Factor for him?


Louis Tomlinson fans could be set to help win him The X Factor.

This year Louis is joined by fellow X Factor 2018 judges Ayda Williams, Robbie Williams and Simon Cowell for the 15th series.

Speaking on signing up for the show, Louis said: “The X Factor for me made a lot of sense. Development of artists is something I’ve been interested in for a long time.

“Having been on the show myself I know first-hand that the live shows are like nothing else you would experience. I’m looking forward to guiding auditonees through the process.”

Louis is the first judge to have also been a contestant on the show. As a member of One Direction he has sold more than 150 million records worldwide and achieved more than 100 global No1s. One Direction were the biggest selling UK act globally for three consecutive years and in 2013 they were overall the biggest selling act in the world.

At the weekend we saw Louis pick his finalists in the Boys category – and he thinks the winner could be one of them.

“No cockiness, honestly, I think I’ve got the winner. I really do,” he said.

Sources say victory could well be assured for the 1D star – thanks to his dedicated fan base.

Insiders claim there is “genuine concern” from the other judges over how the series could pan out.

“Louis has a massive fanbase behind him who are very passionate about making sure he succeeds at everything he does,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “The other judges have been quietly talking about how Louis’ fans are going to swing the vote in his favour, no matter what they do with their own contestants.”

They added: “His fans have proved their strength on social media before with fan-voted awards he has been nominated for, and they will support his acts here too.”

The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday night with the first live show of the series.