Why Holly Willoughby thinks Myleene Klass is the one to beat on Dancing On Ice

Holly Willoughby thinks Myleene Klass could be the one to beat on Dancing On Ice this year.


Holly returns to host Dancing On Ice from Sunday night alongside Phillip Schofield as twelve new celebs take to the ice.

Sharing her thoughts on the new cast, Holly said this week: “I think this year’s line-up is amazing actually. I really, really do. There are some really great characters.

“There are people that are great performers anyway like Denise Van Outen. People like that who know how to work a stage so we’ll see how that translates onto the ice rink. It’s just an exciting line-up and it’s great having a new year.

“Some people that you think are going to be brilliant don’t then materialise too much or they get the fear because, whilst they might be able to dance, the ice adds this whole different element.”

Holly went on to tip Myleene Klass to do well, explaining: “I think she will firstly look really beautiful on the ice because she’s gorgeous and she’s very musical so she’ll understand where the beat is and the timing. I think when it comes to learning a routine that musicality really helps.

“I think she’s one of those people who’s really dedicated to what she does so I think she’ll give it everything and she’ll be brilliant.”


Meanwhile Holly spoke about making the show work in the middle of a pandemic.

She said: “I think that saying the show must go on is all very well until it can’t and that’s where we’ve found ourselves.

“However, there are ways of making it work and thankfully within TV we can change things to keep people safe and put people in bubbles and the show can go on and I think just having that live element to the show will feel like you’re watching something unfold which is just like being in theatre.

“That’s what we like when we go to the theatre; the fact that it’s all right there in front of you and it’s happening.

“I think that’s the only place you’re going to get it at the moment because we can’t go to theatres so it will be nice for viewers to be part of something that is happening right there and right now.”


Dancing On Ice airs on Sunday night on ITV.

Picture: ITV