Who’s on The Wall Celebrity special tonight? Line up of celebrities on latest episode

Tonight's The Wall vs Celebrities contestants - is it new or a repeat?

The Wall vs Celebrities is back on TV tonight – here’s who’s on the line up.

Hosted by EastEnders star Danny Dyer, The Wall is the ultimate game of strategy, knowledge and luck, with questions asked by TV legend Angela Rippon.

The Wall vs Celebrities sees pairs of famous faces take on the challenge in the hope of winning money for their chosen charities.

Who’s on The Wall Celebrity special tonight?

Tonight’s episode (Saturday, 16 April) sees singers Martin and Shirlie Kemp tackle the biggest opponent on TV.

Will they be laughing all the way to the bank, or will the evil Superdrop dampen the atmosphere?

The Wall vs Celebrities airs Saturday, 16 April at 7PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

The episode is a brand new one from the show’s fourth series.

How does the show work?

In each episode one pair take on The Wall in four rounds that are the ultimate combination of strategy, knowledge and luck.

The pairs face a series of multiple choice questions as balls fly down The Wall. The balls fall randomly towards slots of varying cash amounts.

If the answer they give is correct, the balls turn green and money is added to their prize pot. However, incorrect answers see the ball turns red, deducting the amounts of the slots they land in

Alongside the celebrity specials there are regular applications for members of the public to be a contestant on The Wall.

The BBC say: “The Wall is wildly unpredictable with heart-stopping jeopardy, so expect colossal wins and heart-breaking losses in the game that really can change people’s lives with the fall of one ball.

“If you, a partner, relation or close friend, think you have what it takes then apply NOW and you could be taking on the biggest opponent on UK TV – The Wall!”

You can find more information on applying online from bbc.co.uk/takepart.

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