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Who won Love Island USA 2020? Winners revealed in results from season 2

Love Island USA winners 2020 season 2

Who won Love Island USA 2020 has been revealed with the final results of season two revealed.


Tonight saw the winning couple crowned after America voted for their favourite of the final four pairs.

Host Arielle returned to the villa for the final time of the season. She told the Islanders: “I come with only good news tonight, it’s the final!”

Each couple reviewed their ‘best bits’ of the experience with Arielle as they reflected on their time in the villa. It was then time to crown the Love Island USA 2020 champions. America had been voting for their favorite couple, who would share the $100,000 prize with each other?

Who won Love Island USA?

Caleb Corprew and Justine Ndiba – WINNERS

Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks – RUNNERS UP

Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas – THIRD PLACE


Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman – FOURTH PLACE

Ahead of the final results, the Islanders dressed to impressed and gave declarations of love to one another.

A text read: “Islanders tonight you will attend the Love Island finale #SummerofLove #CheerstotheFuture.” Laurel received a follow up text which reads, “Girls, it’s time to prep for the final. Please get ready to leave the villa #DresstoImpress #LookGoodFeelFlawless.”

As the girls left the villa to find their perfect finale dress, the boys were given note pads and tasked with writing their declarations of love. Calvin said: “With this pen, comes great responsibility.”

The girls also wrote their declarations and each couple was given a chance to share what they have written with their other halves during the ceremony.

Cely and Johnny were up first and she said to him: “Not only have you given me the most beautiful love story but you have helped me grow in so many ways I would never have imagined.”

Laurel told Carrington: “Our journey may not have been perfect, but you’re helping me find comfort in the imperfect.”

Fighting back tears of happiness Justine told Caleb: “You loved me and reminded me of how to love myself.”

Caleb said: “Knowing the work we put into the foundations of our castle, I have confidence that the King and Queen will be able to weather any storm life throws at us.”


Moira told Calvin: “You are the cheerleader I never knew I needed.” While Calvin chose to perform his declaration as a poem.

The entire season of Love Island USA is currently avaialble to stream on ITV Hub here in the UK.