Who is The Body on The Cube? Show’s famous face finally unmasked!

The identity of The Cube’s mysterious star The Body has been revealed.


The Body, a woman dressed in a jumpsuit and metal mask, features in the ITV series to demonstrate how the challenges are to be completed.

Although her identity has never been officially revealed, The Sun reports that the woman behind the mask is model and singer Andrianna Christofi.

The tabloid claims that she has been a part of the show since its first episode back in 2009.

Speaking to the publication, Andrianna revealed she has a surprising number of fans for someone whose face has never been seen on the show.

Andrianna shared: “I often get asked for kinky stuff. Some see me as a dominatrix. ‘I’ll pay you this amount if I can wrestle you’.”

As well as her role on The Cube, Andrianna is a fitness fanatic who has worked as a presenter and singer, previously performing with both Boyzone and The Spice Girls.


You can follow Andrianna on Instagram here where she has 35,000 followers.

The Cube returns to ITV this month for a brand new series after being revived in 2020.

The show, which had last aired in 2015, has introduced a number of new games but they’re still as difficult as ever.

Host Phillip Schofield said: “It’s been six years since we were last in the studio and once everybody started talking through the new series and began working on it, it turned into something really quite extraordinary.

“In the years (since we’ve been off screen) the tech has evolved and everything has improved enormously. I knew technically it was going to look amazing, which it does, but what I didn’t realise was how different a dynamic it was going to be with the changes that we’d made.

“You make changes to a show, as well as the huge new Million Pound prize it’s now two players, and you wonder ‘why didn’t we always do it like this?’. Playing The Million Pound Cube could be mother, daughter, brothers, sisters, father son, father, daughter, it can be any combination because we were looking for people who were in their own bubbles.”


Alongside Phillip as the host and Andrianna as The Body, The Cube features the voice of Colin McFarlane.

Picture: ITV/Instagram @andrianna_christofi

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