Love Island: Aftersun tonight: All about the spin-off with Laura Whitmore

Love Island: Aftersun start date on ITV2

Love Island spin-off show Aftersun is back for a brand new series – here’s all you need to know about when it starts on TV.


Hosted by Laura Whitmore, Love Island: Aftersun is back for a brand new weekly series.

The show will air every Sunday from tonight (4 July) at 10PM on ITV2 and the ITV Hub.

Each week, Laura will be joined by a panel of celebrity superfans to debrief all the latest news and gossip from the nation’s favourite Villa.

Aftersun is packed full of exclusive clips, interviews and behind the scenes access to this year’s Islanders as they prepare for the summer of their lives.

Speaking about Love Island returning after a year off-air, Laura said: “I am so excited to be back hosting. It’s been a year where I think we all need a bit more love and fun in our lives and I think everyone is ready for Love Island to be back – myself included.

“I’m really excited about seeing the Villa. I’ve never seen the Villa in Mallorca so I’ll probably be there a little bit fangirling at the Villa. It’s almost like a person to me. So I need to remember that I’m there doing a job, not just a fangirl.”

She continued: “It’s like going on set of a movie and seeing how it works. I worked on TV shows before where it’s a set and there’s like three walls. In there it’s not. You can’t see the cameras.

“I always wondered when you see shows like Love Island, how do they forget about the cameras, but you can understand how they can forget about them because they’re kind of behind the wall or the glass… I walked in there, I was like, oh this is a really fun house to be staying in. Pretty fangirl to be able to see behind the scenes. Not many people get to do that.”


The new series of Love Island airs from Monday, 28 June at 9PM.

The show airs each night on ITV2 and online via the ITV Hub while episodes will also be available on BritBox the next morning.