Casualty reveals dramatic Breaking Point trailer

Casualty Trailer

The BBC has revealed a new trailer for the show’s upcoming new episodes under the title Breaking Point.

The world’s longest running primetime medical drama will continue this Saturday with brand new episodes.

Watch the trailer now…

When is Casualty back on?

Casualty returns on BBC One on Saturday, 23 March 2023 at 8:25PM. As well as watching on TV, you can watch online via BBC iPlayer.

A brand new set of twelve episodes will continue weekly.

In the wake of his dad’s death, Rash deludes himself into thinking he’s fine. But with mounting pressure at work, how long will it be before he cracks?.

Meanwhile, Jacob is given a second chance to do the right thing. Rida questions her future after a catastrophic incident rocks her and Rash, and Nicole has to make a shocking admission.

Is Casualty being cancelled?

There have been rumours that Casualty could be cancelled but fans needn’t worry.

The BBC said they had to “slightly reduce” the number of episodes going forward due to “super inflation in drama production”, but the show will continue.

“Our priority is always delivering quality over hours,” a spokesperson said.

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