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When is Casualty back on? Start date confirmed for new episodes

The BBC has confirmed the return date for Casualty as the show reveals a trailer for the drama to come.


The world’s longest running primetime medical drama will be back this month with brand new episodes.

When is Casualty back on?

Casualty returns on BBC One on Saturday, 30 December 2023 at 9:15PM. As well as watching on TV, you can watch online via BBC iPlayer.

A brand new set of twelve episodes will continue weekly.

A teaser of the first episode shares: “Taking on more responsibility, Stevie is tested to breaking point, the truth connects Max and Jodie, and Faith returns to the ED, but not in the way she’d expected.”

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Casualty spoilers

The Holby City ED faces a new challenge as the team intensifies its efforts against violence after an assault on one of their own. Stevie and Charlie spearhead a zero tolerance policy, but Stevie finds herself struggling with the immense responsibility of ensuring her colleagues’ safety, potentially putting the team at greater risk.


In a parallel storyline, Max is confronted with a dire health crisis due to kidney failure. A chance at survival emerges when Jodie offers a helping hand, leaving Max with a critical decision about accepting assistance. Iain becomes a pillar of support for Natalia, while Faith battles her recovery journey, facing threats of relapse due to a growing obsession. Meanwhile, Rash grapples with his father Ashok’s dementia, enlisting Rida’s help, but still facing the daunting task of balancing his personal and professional commitments.

New faces and a familiar return in Holby City

The series welcomes new cast members Melanie Hill and Adesuwa Oni. Melanie Hill, known for her roles in Coronation Street, Waterloo Road and The Syndicate, steps in as Clinical Nurse Manager Siobhan Mackenzie, a formidable leader ready to shake things up. Adesuwa Oni, recognized from Netflix’s African Queens: Njinga and Witcher, portrays nurse Ngozi, a recent arrival to the UK from Nigeria.

Adding to the excitement, Sunetra Sarker makes a dramatic comeback as Doctor Zoe Hanna. As the ER faces mounting pressures, Zoe’s return seems timely, and she seamlessly rises to the occasion, as though she never left.

Is Casualty being cancelled?

There have been rumours that Casualty could be cancelled but fans needn’t worry.


The BBC said they had to “slightly reduce” the number of episodes going forward due to “super inflation in drama production”, but the show will continue.

“Our priority is always delivering quality over hours,” a spokesperson said.

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