Watch trailer from new Gladiators on BBC One

A first look at the new series of Gladiators on BBC One has been revealed.

The beloved Saturday night favourite is set to return with an 11-episode series, introducing a fresh generation of superhuman competitors. These contestants will face off in the ultimate showdown of speed and strength.

This new series will feature a mix of brand new games and time-honoured challenges, all leading up to the eagerly anticipated finale of each episode, The Eliminator.

Father and son duo Bradley and Barney Walsh have been confirmed as hosts of the new series, which starts in 2024.

Watch a first look trailer now…

Meanwhile the full line-up of Gladiators has been unveiled at the Sheffield arena, showcasing their stunning new costumes and readiness to face the challengers.

The new Gladiators line-up for the returning gameshow is a blend of power and agility. Legend leads with unmatched strength, followed by Fire, who is fast and unpredictable. Bionic stands as an imposing force, while Diamond combines beauty with resilience. Nitro’s lightning speed is a challenge for any contender, and Electro brings a shocking energy to the arena. Giant, despite his size, is a fierce competitor, and Steel is as tough and unyielding as his name suggests.

Apollo, with his charming speed, and Comet, swift and unstoppable, add to the dynamic mix. Viper’s quiet demeanor belies his fierce determination, while Athena combines intelligence with physical prowess.

Fury lives up to her name with intense competitiveness, and Phantom brings an eerie, unstoppable force. Rounding out the group are Sabre, agile and ferocious, and Dynamite, small but explosive, both ready to take on any challenge in the arena.

The new series of Gladiators launches in 2024 on BBC One and iPlayer.

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