Watch I’m A Celebrity’s Giovanna Fletcher and Vernon Kay face latest trial

Giovanna Fletcher and Vernon Kay took on the latest trial on I’m A Celebrity 2020 tonight.

With viewers currently voting for who to eliminate, it’s up to the celebs to decide who takes part in the daily trials.

Tonight’s task was a two-hander with Giovanna Fletcher and Vernon Kay taking on Cart-Astrophy.

Ant & Dec explained the Trial to them as they stood in front of an old wooden cart and a raised platform that had containers next to it.

They revealed: “You’re going to have to work together on this one to transfer castle nasties from the cart here into these collection boxes. One of you will be on the cart where you’ll have to open up the barrels and throw the contents over to your partner who’s on the platform who will catch them in a very special helmet.”

Dec continued: “Then you have to tip those contents into the containers below here. Every time you fill up the box about the yellow line, you’ll win a star.”

Ant said that they were playing for pub grub to eat at the Castle Inn that night, and that as there were eight celebrities left, there were 8 stars to play for. They had 12 minutes to complete the Trial.

Giovanna said that she would throw meaning that Vernon would have to wear the large collection helmet. “We want sprouts, we want the whole she-bang” joked Vernon.

Giovanna got onto the cart which carried barrels of fish guts, offal and other castle nasties.

She threw the gunk in large handfuls into Vernon’s helmet and then guided him over to the containers, directing him to stop and lower his head in order to transfer it from the helmet to the containers.

“I’m so glad it’s this way round, I’m not going to lie” said Giovanna as Vernon retched, pouring the stinking offal and fish guts into the containers. “You’re amazing, come on” she cheered.

The two managed to win all 8 stars as Dec laughed: “Well that took guts.”

“There’s only one way to describe it and that’s disgusting” said Vernon. It’s a smell that I’ve never experienced and I don’t want to ever do that again. That was horrible”

Giovanna admitted that it wasn’t as bad for her. “I felt that I got the best end of the deal. You don’t think about what you’re picking up, you’re just shoving in but as soon as it started going over your mouth I was like I’m so glad I’m that end.”

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