The Voice UK’s lack of success stories explained by Will-i-am

The Voice UK coach reckons he knows why the show has so far failed to find a star.


In six series, The Voice has yet to really launch any long term chart careers

And Will thinks it’s because us Brits are just too polite.

“I give them my number and my email,” he explained. “The thing I’ve noticed with people is that they’re really polite. They say, ‘I know you’re busy…’

“That’s why I feel comfortable giving them my number because I know they’re polite. Guess what’s gonna happen? They’re not gonna call.”

Speaking at the show’s press launch this week, Will said:”If I was them I wouldn’t be that polite, I sure wouldn’t.

“Part of the reason I feel that maybe there’s no star is because people are really polite. “Folks who have careers have been really aggressive with their careers. They make sure they fight for the right songs, and you know in your heart as a singer what song will take you where you want to go. You’ve got to be like a predator.”


He added: “And predators aren’t polite. Imagine going to the jungle and you see a lion going up to a gazelle like, ‘Hey, can I eat you?’ You have to really hunt and be aggressive about getting your dream.”

As The Voice UK gears up for its seven season, Will reckons the new line up of coaches make for the best yet.

Will is joined on this year’s show by returning coaches Jennifer Hudson and Sir Tom Jones plus newbie Olly Murs.

“This season is the best,” he said. “We were missing someone like Olly last year. We have Tom Jones the legend as well – we all dream of having a career like Tom Jones.


“This show is the best out of all the previous The Voice panels.”

The Voice UK 2018 starts Saturday night at 8PM on ITV.