The Voice UK: Will-i-am playing ‘mind games’ with Olly Murs

Olly Murs reckons has been playing mind games with him on The Voice UK.


Olly is a new coach on the ITV series, joining The Voice UK veterans and Sir Tom Jones plus Jennifer Hudson, who is back for her second series.

Chatting ahead of the first episode, Olly claimed Will had been trying to get into his head during the blind auditions.

The former X Factor finalist said: “I think Will is probably the most competitive that I saw, he was trying to get into my head and trying to convince me to turn when maybe I shouldn’t but that is what it is all about.

“It is all fun and games and I think especially when you are on The Voice UK it becomes ultra-competitive because one of us is going to win the show with the team we have got and obviously we all want to have a really good team and we all want to win.”

Olly added: “I think there is always going to be that nice little competitive edge and I think Will always brings that. I love it, it is all banter for me, I like it when people are testing me out and having fun with me, it is great.”

However Will himself insisted he was just trying to make things less stressful for Olly.

The Black Eyed Peas star explained: “They weren’t mind games but because I’ve been stressful before making decisions on the show, I am just trying to make it light and for him not to stress too much as it clogs you from just enjoying the person singing.


“When you are extra critical or super cynical you are not really enjoying the moment.”

The Voice UK 2018 airs on Saturday, January 6 at 8PM.