Vera 2019 cast and spoilers from series 9 of the ITV drama

Vera 2019 cast and spoilers

ITV’s top-rating crime drama Vera concludes its ninth series tonight with a final instalment of a four-part run.

Following the huge success of series eight, award winning actress, Brenda Blethyn dons her infamous mac and hat to play the unorthodox but brilliantly perceptive Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope, in chilling feature length episodes set against the backdrop of the North East.

Series 9 of Vera is made up of four stand alone episodes, each two hours long.

The fourth and final episode for 2019 airs at 8PM on Sunday, February 3. You can watch episodes for free online and catch up via the ITV Hub.

Vera 2019 cast

  1. DCI Vera Stanhope – BRENDA BLETHYN
  2. DS Aiden Healy – KENNY DOUGHTY
  3. DC Kenny Lockhart – JON MORRISON
  4. DC Mark Edwards – RILEY JONES
  5. Pathologist Dr. Malcolm Donahue – PAUL KAYE
  6. Matthew Wells – PETER DAVISON
  7. Graham Caswell – ADRIAN LUKIS
  8. Natalie Webb – JODIE McNEE
  9. Ava Caswell – AMIRA GHAZALLA
  10. Sandra Madani – SEETA INDRANI
  11. Jim Paisley – ANDREW READMAN
  12. Melanie Kirk – FAITH ALABI
  13. Kieran Webb – JAMES ATHERTON
  14. Paul Eastman – SEAN CERNOW
  15. Ashleigh Beck – CAITLIN DRABBLE
  16. Joanne Caswell – SHARON SINGH
  17. Peter Lyle – EDWARD KINGHAM
  18. Nazeem – NAVINDER BHATTI
  19. Frank Payne – GERARD MCDERMOTT
  20. Simon Beck – CHRIS IDDON
  21. Natalie’s mum – HEATHER WALKER

Vera spoilers

The fourth episode is called The Seagull.

Airing this Sunday, February 3, Vera finds herself opening up a cold case when a skeleton is discovered buried in Whitley Bay.

Based on the eighth novel in Ann Cleeves’ DCI Stanhope series, The Seagull focuses on Robbie Marshburn, a notorious criminal who went missing over 20 years ago never to be seen again.

But this isn’t a typical case for Vera as Robbie, and those connected to him, were friends of her father. And to make matters worse, Robbie’s remains are found underneath the burnt-out site of the infamous nightclub where they all used to meet.

But, just as Robbie’s remains are identified, the team come across another murder nearby. Vera investigates the possibility of the victim’s connections to a local crime family and whether this led to the brutal killing.

Elaine and Leonard Sidden (Claire Higgins and Michael Feast) ran The Seagull in its heyday and Vera learns that they haven’t quite severed ties with the past as their son Alec (Daniel Ryan) is now developing the site where the burnt-out nightclub stands.

In a case that’s often too close to home, Vera must uncover a web of secrets and corruption to understand the circumstances that led to both murders.

Vera airs tonight, February 3, at 8PM on ITV.

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