Taskmaster 2020 cast line up and release date for series 10 as show moves to Channel 4

Taskmaster series 10 line up and start date

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The release date and cast line up for Series 10 of Taskmaster on Channel 4 has been confirmed.

Taskmaster has proved a huge hit ever since it first premiered on UKTV's Dave in 2015.


It was announced in 2019 that the show will move to Channel 4 for its upcoming tenth series.

When does Taskmaster start?

Channel 4 has confirmed that the ten-part series will begin on Thursday, October 15 at 9PM.

Episodes will air weekly on TV and online via the All 4 player, where the first nine series of Taskmaster are also available to stream or download for free.

The comedy panel game show sees a group of famous comedians set a series of weird and challenging task by almighty Taskmaster Greg Davies.


Faithful underling sidekick, Alex Horne - who created the format - accompanies the Taskmaster equipped with spreadsheets and stopwatches, eager to facilitate his master’s every whim and adjudicate his loose point system to determine a winner.

Taskmaster series 10 cast

Those taking part on the series 10 line up are: BAFTA winning actress and writer Daisy May Cooper; Acclaimed comedian, writer and director Johnny Vegas; BAFTA winning actress Katherine Parkinson; Comedian and actor Mawaan Rizwan and comedian, multi-award-winning podcaster and writer Richard Herring.

Series 10 will run for ten episodes.

Channel 4 has signed a six-series deal to air the show with repeated episodes on E4.

Alex Horne, the show’s creator, said previously: "It seems like the right time to move to a channel with a broader audience and I can reassure people who like the show that it won’t be changing one bit and I’ll still be forced to do things no one should ever have to do.”


The Taskmaster, Greg Davies said: “For the first time in our working relationship I agree with little Alex Horne. The nine series on UKTV have been a joy and I would echo his thanks to all involved.

"I do take issue with the notion that the show will remain exactly the same however as I have made it my personal mission to break his spirit. I will remain even handed with contestants of course, but it really is going to get unpleasant for him. Peace.”