When is X Factor on tonight? Start time and spoilers from bootcamp!

X Factor 2017 start time

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The X Factor 2017 bootcamp continues tonight and here’s all you need to know!

With the auditions now over, the next stage of the competition continues on its way this evening.

Bootcamp first kicked off last week with the first of two challenges to whittle down the acts for the six chair challenge.

What time is The X Factor bootcamp on tonight?

The X Factor 2017’s bootcamp continues this evening with the arena auditions between 8:15PM and 9:45PM.

The show continues with the first round of the six chair challenge on Sunday night from the earlier time of 7:30PM, finishing at 9PM.

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In Sunday’s show, the contestants will split into their respective categories (Girls, Boys, Overs, Groups) and take on the six chair challenge.

How will bootcamp work?

This year’s bootcamp is split into two parts, starting with the so-called ‘wall of songs’ which first made its debut on last year’s series.

Last week, contestants faced a wall which has a number of pieces of paper with songs attached. Each song appeared a number of times on the wall.

On a signal, the acts raced towards the wall and fight for the song choice they want. The contestants that chose the same song then grouped up to work on their performance of the track before taking to stage to sing for the judges.

There they were cut before the second stage…

The arena auditions

New for this year, are the bootcamp arena auditions which are back tonight.

There the acts will each take to the stage once more but this time it won’t just be the judges watching on as – for the first time this series – the contestants face a live audience at Wembley Arena.

Bootcamp, arena auditions.
Bootcamp, arena auditions.

The acts will perform one at a time before the judges deliberate on who to put forward to the dreaded six chair challenge.

When will the judges find out their categories?

Only once the end of bootcamp is done and dusted and all the cuts have been made will the contestants through to six chairs find out their mentors.

This will take place tonight.

After bootcamp, judges will each have to pick the top six acts from their category for judges’ houses at the six chair challenge.

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