Tracy Beaker is back with series two of The Beaker Girls coming to CBBC

Tracy Beaker is back with a brand new series of The Beaker Girls coming to CBBC and iPlayer.

The show, which first premiered in 2021, sees Dani Harmer reprise her iconic role of Tracy Beaker now a mum herself to book-smart, sassy, surprisingly tough daughter Jess.

Series two of The Beaker Girls begins on Friday, 13 January 2023 with the first of twelve new episodes.

A teaser for the new series shares: “It’s a big summer for book-smart and sassy Jess (Emma Maggie Davies) and her irrepressible mum Tracy Beaker (Dani Harmer) with Jess about to turn 13, as the hugely popular Beaker saga continues in this new 12-part series. Sparkling with lively wit and adventures, the show also tackles typical subjects important to many teens, including cyber bullying, green issues, extended families, friendship and trust, and new relationships.

“Jess is looking forward to a great summer, with Tracy on the verge of fostering runaway teen Jordan (Chi-Megan Ennis-McLean) and her dad Si (Simon Lipkin) and his family visiting Cooksea for the holidays. But inevitably things don’t go smoothly: Jess has to cope with cyber bullying, experiences her first crush, gets involved in environmental protests and is even faced with the prospect of being parted from Tracy when Si wants to become her resident parent. With misunderstandings rife, relationships become tangled and friendships strained… but love is in the air for some!”

Alongside Dani Harmer, Emma Maggie Davies returns to the cast as Jess with Chi-Megan Ennis McLean as Jordan and Simon Lipkin as Si.

A synopsis for the first episode reveals: “In this first episode, it doesn’t take long for Beaker chaos to set in and put Jordan’s fostering in jeopardy. At the Horizon Arts hub, Seren is mean to Jordan so Jess devises a prank to teach her a lesson – not realising that Seren’s mum is Jordan’s social worker!

“Will the prank backfire? Meanwhile, Jordan’s room needs to be safe and shipshape ready for inspection, but the day before the visit Tracy’s stubbornness causes a disaster that could ruin everything. Jordan’s in despair and has her bags packed ready to depart – so can the Beaker Girls work together to stay together?”

The first series of The Beaker Girls is available to watch on BBC iPlayer here.

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