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Top five performances from X Factor’s judges houses 2018

Here’s a run down of the Top 5 most popular performances from The X Factor judges’ houses as the final 16 were chosen.


And Louis Tomlinson and his boys are dominating online, with all four making the countdown.

For Simon Cowell, his finalist Molly Scott is the only girl to make an impact but none of the Groups or Overs makes an appearance.

Based on online hits and shares, here we rank the Top 5 performances from over the past three episodes as the final 24 performed.

Anthony Russell

Louis has already mentored Anthony through the personal troubles that forced him to leave last year’s series, and now he’s the mentor that has the power to put Anthony on the live shows. The Liverpool labourer sang ‘Scars’ by James Bay, but made a slight slip-up towards to the end.

“I know you’re thinking about that one little note that just happened about 20 seconds ago, but that means nothing to me,” insisted Louis.



Molly Scott

Molly, was left “shaking” after being introduced to the all-star crowd at Simon’s judges’ houses. Unfortunately for the 16-year-old – the youngest solo act remaining in the competition – she admitted she doesn’t “deal well with pressure”, noting that nerves “did get the better” of her at the Six Chair Challenge.

For the moment that could change her life, she performed the English version of ‘Fake Love’ by chart-storming Korean boyband BTS. It was a pick Simon described as “really clever”, while Randy Jackson felt like “it could have been her song”.


Armstrong Martins

Armstrong stunned the judges at his original audition, playing an acoustic rendition of the High School Musical song ‘Breaking Free’ – and he played a similar tactic at Judges’ Houses, admitting: “It is a gamble, but if you’re going to go all in, you might as well go all in.”

That gamble was a stripped-back rendition of the Friends theme song, ‘I’ll Be There For You’ by The Rembrandts. “What you’ve just done should make you really really proud. Your song choice was clever,” remarked Louis. “I think you’ve got a fantastic voice, you get so lost within the moment of the song,” added Liam Payne.



Dalton Andre Harris

Dalton has already been on a huge journey on The X Factor, sharing stories of his upbringing in Jamaica and how he’s been on his own since his teenage years, and he hopes that journey will continue. “It just has to go right,” he said. “There’s no option. It has to.”

He performed the Dreamgirls song ‘Listen’, because of its message: “Stop talking, listen to me now, this is my time to pursue my dreams”. Louis said: “What was so incredible, aside from the unbelievable vocal, was the whole story you told us.” Liam claimed: “I will never listen to that song the same way ever again.”


Brendan Murray

Brendan fought back from a dodgy audition to secure his mentor’s Golden X at Six Chair. The former Hometown member and Eurovision entrant was very aware there would be no safety at Judges’ Houses, musing: “I’m gonna have to throw everything at them.”

In his efforts to impress, Brendan took on a huge song, ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’. “Really great, really great,” was Liam’s simple response. “That song is written by a dear friend,” noted Nile Rodgers, in reference to Prince. “It was beautiful. I was holding back the tears, I was trying to be cool!”



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