Tonight’s Love Island update (15 February) as girls get calls from home

Georgia H talks to Olivia on Love Island

There’s surprise video calls from home in tonight’s Love Island, but will the Islanders like what they hear?

This evening’s episode begins with a candid conversation by the firepit.

Josh and Georgia H address the recent misunderstandings that have put a strain on their friendship.

Georgia H confronts the situation head-on: “You had a very negative opinion on me and my couple.”

Josh stands by his perspective: “That’s my honest opinion and that’s where I thought I was being a good friend, actually being honest to you.”

Arabella gets a text

Georgia H argues for a different kind of support: “I just think personally if you were really my friend, a friend of ten years, you would just support me in any relationship I am pursuing and you would be happy for me.”

Will the pair be able to move forward and stay friends?

Later, the mood shifts when the girls, left alone as the boys enjoy a day out, receive an exciting announcement. Arabella shares the news: “Girls, while the boys are out having beers you will get all the tea with video calls from home.”

The girls scream with delight, eagerly anticipating the emotional connections awaiting them.

Georgia S engages in a meaningful conversation with Dani Dyer, her friend from series four, pondering over the definition of her relationship status. Dani encourages Georgia S to seek clarity: “You should ask!”

Dani Dyer

Georgia H’s conversation with her best friend, Olivia Attwood-Dack, brings her comfort and reassurance.

Olivia supports Georgia H’s relationship with Anton: “I think Anton is amazing, he’s such a nice guy and he’s exactly the kind of guy you need, I feel like this is your time to lean into this relationship and let it take its natural course because he absolutely adores you!”

Molly is pleasantly surprised to see her friend Sophie and her cherished dog, Nelly, on the call.

Reflecting on her journey with Callum, Molly shares: “It’s actually so nice now that we’ve got to a point that me and him were even making breakfast for Jess and Tom…it’s nice to see him so happy…I don’t think we’d have ever got to this point if we didn’t come in here.”

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