Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as Trish is left in tears


Here’s a spoiler-filled look ahead to tonight’s latest highlights on Big Brother UK.

In this evening’s episode, Jenkin attempts to clear the air as tensions in the house continue to bubble.

Referencing him being nominated for eviction during the Hunger Games task, he says to Yinrun and Trish: “Yo girls, can we just have a clean slate today?”

Trish chats to Jenkin

Trish responds: “I want to agree but I just don’t know if like I trust it.”

Jenkin replies: “No that’s fine, I get it.”

Trish continues: “We can be civil.”

And Jenkin insists: “I just want you to know that from my side there’s like no hard feelings or anything like that.”

Trish then explains: “I feel like I’ve had this conversation way too many times, where people come up to me and they like call truce and then it’s a bitch fest after about my character. Everyone’s allowed to have perspective on me but just don’t come and act like we’re cool if we’re not.

“I just like to be where we’re really at, I’m happy to be civil with everyone in the house but I don’t want to do fake community or fake village if I’m really not included when I’m not around.”

Later in the diary room, Trish speaks on the tension between herself and some of the housemates.

She tells Big Brother: “I’ve just kind of decided to just keep myself to myself, I think I’m kind of tired of like just feeling judged or misjudged and I think some people are dedicated to their misjudgment of me…

“There just comes a time when you’re just tired, it’s just like… like why should I have to keep explaining who I am because you have this perception that you want to hold onto.”

Meanwhile this evening Matty is left angry at Jordan over a joke he makes in the latest task about their ‘love triangle’ with Henry.

“He’s just so emotionally immature,” Matty complains behind Jordan’s back to Trish.

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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