Big Brother’s Matty fumes at “emotionally immature” Jordan in more love triangle drama

There’s yet more drama for the Big Brother love triangle between Jordan, Matty and Henry tonight.

In this evening’s episode the housemates are seen competing for ‘cold, hard cash’.

Each housemate has been given a cube of ice; every cube contains a key in the centre. The first housemate to melt down their ice, retrieve the key and get to the diary room will win £1,000 cash.

During the task, housemates chat about the coldest thing they’ve ever done with Jordan quipping: “The coldest thing I’ve ever done was yesterday, when I ignored Henry… but I have an aversion to triangles so it was needs must.”


Henry laughs in response however Matty looks at him in disbelief that he just said that.

Later, Matty opens up to Trish about Jordan, asking: Why is he still pretending like I’m not in the room?”

Trish suggests: “Maybe he’s waiting for you to talk to him.”

Matty replies: “What?!? He’s the one who just started ignoring me and being spikey with me.”

Trish reacts: “Ugh, I don’t know what it is with Jordan.”

Matty continues: “Nah like, its two days now and he’s still just pretending like… it’s just… and then I don’t want to sit with you guys all day because then he’s been pretending like I don’t exist and that makes me feel like shit. To have anyone pretend that you don’t exist, friend or foe, regardless is just not nice.”

A moment later in the conversation, Matty adds: “He’s just so emotionally immature.”

Trish agrees: “There’s no better way to put it to be honest.”


Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

Also in tonight’s episode, Trish and Jenkin attempt and fail to clear the air following the weekend’s drama that left Jenkin up for eviction.

Jenkin asks: “Can we just have a clean slate today?” but Trish responds: “I want to agree but I just don’t know if like I trust it.”

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