Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as Hallie and Olivia are exposed

Here’s your spoiler-filled preview of tonight’s Big Brother as Hallie and Olivia had some explaining to do.

In tonight’s show, Big Brother assembles the housemates in the lounge and proceeds to inform them of the house rules.

The voice booms: “This is Big Brother. Before you entered the house, the Big Brother rules were explained to you. The rules state that you may not attempt to communicate in code or write in messages.”

Big Brother housemates gather in the living room

Big Brother reports that the previous day, Hallie and Olivia broke this rule.

Olivia had asked Hallie to convey secret messages on her back. During this exchange, Olivia vocalized the message “is a gameplayer.” Later, Hallie wrote another message on Olivia’s back, with Olivia verbalising the letters “N” and “O.”

The housemates react with surprise at the revelation of Hallie and Olivia’s secret communication and suspect that it may have involved Noky.

Big Brother requests Hallie to stand and share her perspective, but Noky interrupts with the question: “To Noky?”

Hallie, taken aback by Noky’s query, responds with the same question: “To Noky?”

Hallie then explains: “Do you want me to say what was written? I said Zak was a gameplayer and I said I think Matty nominated me. It was nothing about Noky.”

What will the fallout be and how will Big Brother punish the rule break>

Elsewhere tonight, speaking to Trish, Yinrun mentions her discomfort when people walk away after talking to her.

Trish suggests Yinrun should express her feelings when someone walks away, to which Yinrun mentions her efforts to find common ground and her disliking those people.

Trish reassures Yinrun that it’s okay not to like everyone. Yinrun confides in the Diary Room, expressing her gratitude for having Trish as a confidante. She appreciates Jordan’s kindness and Henry’s company, which brings her comfort.

Yinrun feels sad about Henry’s nomination because she enjoys talking to him. She values conversations with Matty and mentions having several people to talk to when feeling overwhelmed.

Big Brother continues at 9PM tonight on ITV2 and ITVX.

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