Big Brother’s Yinrun left upset by ‘rude’ housemates


Yinrun voices her frustration about some of her fellow housemates on Big Brother tonight.

In a chat with Trish, Yinrun complains: “It’s not a nice feeling when you talk to someone and they just walk away.”

Trish asks: “And do you think people are still doing it today?”

Yinrun in the kitchen

She suggests: “Maybe you need to start saying it when people walk away.”

Yinrun explains: “I have nothing to talk to them about as well but I am making effort – I am trying to find something in common. I just don’t like them.”

Trish responds: “That’s not like you to say. But also you’re allowed to not like someone.”

Yinrun later shares her frustrations with Big Brother in the Diary Room.

And while she keeps quiet about which housemates are rubbing her up the wrong way, Yinrun does reveal the ones she is getting on with.

Yinrun says: “At least I have Trish. She is someone I completely believe I can feel 100% comfortable with – I can talk everything about my feelings. I feel so fortunate that I have her in the house by my side.”

Yinrun adds: “And Jordan is a very kind person as well. And Henry – Henry’s laugh! Henry, when I look at him, I just feel like I really wanna talk to him.

Yinrun in the Diary Room

“Every night I walk from my side to the other side of the bed, I have to say goodnight to him, and I will feel I can sleep tight now, that’s why I was so sad when Henry was up for nomination this week. And then I have Matty – we can talk about a lot of things.”

Yinrun concludes: “There is quite a few people I can always find someone to talk to if I feel a bit overwhelmed with the situation.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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