Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as FOUR housemates face double eviction

Four housemates are nominated for a double eviction on Big Brother 2023 tonight.


In this evening’s episode, the house is left divided with tensions at an all time high.

Following Kerry’s shock eviction and the news that Noky and Trish had given her, Dylan and Olivia a killer nomination, there’s a clear split in the group.

Big Brother's Noky and Dylan

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Chanelle says: “Today feels like a divide in the house. I feel like it’s Trish’s group and then obviously Olivia and then Dylan. I would hate for Dylan to not feel part of a pocket of friends.”

Dylan heads outside in the garden to speak with Noky and Trish. Meanwhile, Chanelle is speaking to Olivia in the bedroom when she asks about Noky.

Soon, housemates get the chance to vent their feelings as Big Brother gathers them for this week’s nominations. One by one each housemate heads to the Diary Room as they nominate two of their fellow housemates to face the public vote this week.


Each housemate takes a turn to enter the Diary Room, casting their nominations for two housemates they believe should be up for eviction this week.

Dylan, while giving one of his nominations to Big Brother, succinctly describes his choice: “Two faced. Game-playing.”

Jordan, when it comes to nominating a fellow housemates, shares: “I find that he can be quite curt towards me – I don’t really appreciate that because I don’t know what I’ve done to him in a past life or this life to warrant such reaction.”

On her part, Trish remarks: “He wants this experience tailored to him. I don’t really like that.”

The suspense builds as the housemates ponder who will be nominated this week. As the day unfolds, Big Brother announces the FOUR housemates who have been chosen to face the public vote in the season’s first double eviction.

Jordan Matty and Henry

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, there’s more drama for the Jordan, Matty and Henry love triangle.


Henry confides his feelings in Trish while Jordan and Matty have a candid chat.

Big Brother airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX. The next eviction takes place live on Friday night.

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