More drama for Big Brother ‘love triangle’ between Jordan, Henry and Matty

Henry expresses his feelings for Jordan in tonight’s Big Brother.

In this evening’s episode, Henry chats to Trish in the bathroom and says: “We’re really good friends Jordan and I but we have kissed like four or five times.”

Trish reacts: “Ok, that is more times that I was aware of.”


Henry continues: “It was playing with my emotions a bit the last couple of days. I think I want a bit of clarity. I literally haven’t felt this emotion before and it’s just been a bit stressful.”

He later speaks to Big Brother in the Diary Room: “There is something strange happening with Jordan and Matty and it’s become a bit of a puzzle in my mind.

“I guess on a really selfish level, I feel like I’m almost losing Jordan a bit as he’s drifting away. It’s really difficult to explain because I’ve never really felt this before.”

After leaving the Diary Room, he heads into the bedroom where Jordan and Matty are having a one-on-one conversation on the bed.

Jordan says to Matty: “The moment you walked in I had no idea this s*** would be an inconvenience.”

Matty replies: “I know what you mean.”

In a separate conversation, Matty tells Jordan: “I think we’ve tried a couple of times… backing off then going closer, backing off and going closer and it’s obviously just not working.”

Jordan says: “At least if we’re clear from the onset we can’t have on and off days because every day is just a neutral day.”

Matty replies: “We can still I think, chat maybe in a group and have fun.”


Jordan responds: “It’s like we’re running parallel and we have Trish, Henry and Yinrun in the middle. So we’re running either side of them but our paths don’t necessarily cross.”

He adds: “Thank you for checking in, I know it’s for the best.”

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

Also tonight, there’s the aftermath of Kerry’s shock eviction and the next round of nominations.

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